Interesting Facts About London’s Borough Market

A lot of locals and tourists visit the oldest food market in London, the Borough Market. However, how many of these people really know the market by heart? Here are some intriguing and interesting facts about this popular food market.

  • Its years of existence is London’s trademark.

  • The food market claims to be existing for over 1000 years already. The original site was located adjacent to the London Bridge. However, in 1756, it was moved to its present location. With years of being a food hub in the capital, the market has established a name that became one of London’s legacy.

  • Borough Market has the hottest chili in the world.

  • The market houses a seasoning shop called the Spice Mountain. This emporium boasts numerous kinds of herbs and spices that can cater any distinct flavor of various dishes. While indulging yourself with the products they offer, you can take part in their famous challenge, the “man against stomach”. Sport your stomach against the Carolina Reaper or the world’s hottest chili.

  • Bridget Jones’s house is near the market.

  • Bridget Jones’s Diary became a popular movie in 2001, and so the fame of the Borough Market also followed. This is because few of the scenes from the movie were taken at some of the areas in the market.

  • The market caused road blocks and traffic jams.

  • In the 1700s, when everything was still less organized and orderly, the market caused some road mishaps. The reason behind this is that food stalls were placed in the middle of the Borough High Street, which is the only path connecting the south to the capital. Because of the traffic jams, the city used its power to close the market down, until the traders were allowed to continue their businesses on the current site.

  • The market has the famous market bell.

  • There is a bell installed at one of the posts of the middle road entrance. During the early times, this bell is utilized as a crowd control to avert different kinds of chaos. Today, the bell still hangs in its place and became a famous tourist spot in the area. Also, the bell is used for special events to continue the tradition. Very few individuals were given the privilege of ringing the bell, including Prince Charles during the market’s reopening in 2013.

  • Borough Market exhibits culinary talent.

  • Visitors and tourists are not only allowed to enjoy the numerous delicacies and gourmet dishes offered by food specialists in the market, but they are also in for a culinary learning. Chefs and locals offer free demos during selected days in order to inspire visitors with new and exciting cooking techniques, flavors, and recipes.

  • The market opens early.

  • Unlike other food markets, Borough opens every 2 am during the weekdays for wholesale transactions. However, the regular retail activities start 10 am and 8 am during Saturdays.


    The next time you visit the Borough Market, you will be delighted to know it by heart because of these interesting things about it. The market offers more than just a gastronomic adventure. It also offers a different kind of experience, especially if you are a food enthusiast.

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