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Whether you are in search of homemade goodies, freshly cooked gourmet meals, or just a quick bite, the food markets in London are the one-stop destinations you’ll enjoy. There are numerous locals and food specialists in these food streets selling everything from pastries and sweets to dishes and local delicacies.

Take a look at the list of top ten food markets in London:

  • Borough Market

  • With the pool of food markets around the capital, Borough Market is deemed to be the most popular of them all. Its popularity drives tourists from all over the world to experience the distinct cuisines this food market has to offer. It offers a wide variety of food choices from Spanish to Mexican specialties, so you can spoil your taste buds with the flavors of Europe.

  • Maltby Street Market

  • If you are in search of a flexible food market, you can take the road down to Bermondsey, specifically the Maltby Market. During the weekdays, the market highlights the topnotch and popular food sellers in the country, such as Little Bread Pedlar and Natoora. On the weekends, the market boasts local foodies who enjoy the delight and excitement brought about by the fresh food and drinks.

  • KERB and Street Feast

  • KERB is a famous street food market, which is responsible for regenerating the food industry in Camden. Hosting a global grub of foodies and sellers, KERB has created genuine and interesting food choices for individuals who want a bite of different flavors now and then.

  • Brixton Village Market

  • A cozy and arty atmosphere, paired with succulent food choices is the reason why Brixton Village Market keeps tourists and locals in and out of the village. It is difficult to choose a favorite food stall, but “Made of Dough”, which offers phenomenal pizzas, pops out among them. For a more distinct food option, Ghana Kitchen offers healthy choices with a twist.

  • Exmouth Market

  • This food market caters the young professionals of London as it was deemed to be the favorite place after a day’s shift. The market serves pop-up food stalls complete with the dishes from all over the world, including Scandinavian, Mexican and Spanish cuisine.

  • Broadway Market

  • Hackney is famous for its weekend food markets- of the various markets, Broadway offers the largest pool of food sellers and specialists. It offers both local European meals as well as dishes from other countries like the vegetarian meals from Gujarati Rasoi.

  • Netil Market

  • A courtyard that houses shops and various market stalls has been also a popular choice for foodies in London. Some of Netil’s popular food stall, who recently became a permanent shop in the market, is the Lucky Chip and Bao. Tourists can also try the afro-tacos of the Lemlem Kitchen as well as other unique delicacies from other stalls.

  • Brick Lane Market
  • Bricklane comes to life during Sundays when people want to spend the weekends outside for some distinct flavor hunt. Bricklane is divided into numerous sections including a flea market and a food market inspired by the traditions of other countries. The market is popular among bargain hunters as well as art students who are in search of unique items and flavor.

  • Billingsgate Fish Market

  • Billingsgate is considered as the oldest market in London which dates back to the 16th century. In the 19th century, it became the world’s largest food market. Until today, fishmongers are still selling different types of fishes for buyers, both wholesale and retail.

  • Columbia Road Market

  • Columbia Road blobs every Sunday as various flowers, colors, and other decorations make the entire area colorful and vibrant. The market boasts flower and gardening shops as well as boutiques and stalls offering kitchenware, designer furniture, restaurants, and cafes.


    Make your gastronomical adventure more memorable and fun with these top food markets around London and you’re definitely in for a great food journey.