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So there’s this really old cook book my Mom had (one of many) that I borrowed a few years ago and kind of never returned. You know what I’m talking about.

It's a very old book - battered and worn, dog-eared, with spatterings from various cooking experiments all over it

How I love that book!

‘The Real Taste of Jamaica’ by Enid Donaldson

New Edition with photos by Ray Chen

On the front cover is a lovely grey haired lady with tropical fruits and flowers all around her. I love this book... (repeated for emphasis).

The real taste of Jamaica

At this point I should mention this is the second copy of this book I’ve had to get for my Mom as I completely ruined the previous one… long story

So, leafing through this book (as I have time on my hands these days), I decided on making an old classic that I knew would not last long in our household… BREAD PUDDING (pg 117).


Just so you know, I have access to lots of recipes for BREAD PUDDING - from Jamie, Nigella, James… yawn, the list goes on. For me, Enid D is my go to for old time proper Jamaican cooking.

It’s all imperial measures and omitted ingredients, so I calculate everything to metric and I play with the oven temperature to get it just right (sometimes I win, sometimes it’s the smoke alarm). However I never give up.

First step - gather ingredients.

No white bread, not a good start as Enid D wants me to have 10 slices !!!

Sourdough (crust on) I have… about 3 days old... that should do.

Don’t do milk, I used soya instead.

So I broke the sourdough up in small pieces and soaked them for about 40 mins - the rest was easy.

5 eggs! seriously! These are hard times I used what I had(3 eggs).

Granulated sugar… replaced with caster sugar – it’s what I had.

Nutmeg, vanilla and salt – check!

Rum... hell yeah!

Sherry - just replaced with more rum.

So I followed through the rest of the recipe as Enid D instructed. Maybe not.

I found some other stuff in the fridge that I decided to incorporate in Enid’s recipe - custard powder and Tangerine Marmalade hah hah hah. I spread the Tangerine Marmalade on the bread chunks  and added the custard powder to the liquid mix(because I felt like it). Enid hadn’t mentioned butter in her list of ingredients but it was there in the recipe (sigh) - wasn’t necessary then was it?

I skipped the ovenproof dish in 1 inch of boiling water. Simply greased up an ovenproof IKEA container (roasting pan) and cooked for 45 mins at 180 degrees in my oven. May be different in yours 😉

The result – Deeeliccccciooous!!

Bread pudding

Think I’ll do this again soon!


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